Home appraisals can reveal hidden hazards.


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To ensure proper coverage, Parr Insurance professionals offer complimentary replacement cost estimations for the homes that we insure. Home values may have fallen, but replacement costs have grown. In addition, our appraisal services can visit your home to note unique details and features and prepare an accurate estimate for your valuables. Appraisals such as these are not offered by most providers.

An appraisal can:

  • Help protect your family, home and possessions
  • Identify ways to save money on your insurance through premium credits
  • Create a report to help in the event of a loss

Case In Point:
A family requested an infrared scan of their city condo in a building with a history of leaky pipes. Using technology to see behind surfaces, scanning can detect any unusually hot or cold areas in the walls, floors and ceilings. In this case, fortunately nothing was found. The family then decided to also scan their newly built home in the suburbs. Surprisingly, they found an entire section of a wall missing insulation!