Protection for Apartment Residents

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Renter Benefits

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Most renters cannot afford to replace all of their possessions or protect themselves from personal liability claims. If tenants have an uninsured loss, it could quickly lead to financial hardship and rent delinquency. Fortunately, they can get affordable renters insurance to protect them.

The less hassle tenants have to go through to purchase insurance, the more likely they are to maintain coverage. With Suite Protector, tenants have access to state-of-the-art benefits such as:

  • User friendly, web based platform that allows tenants to purchase insurance in two minutes
  • Pre-approved enrollment without credit checks or underwriting questions
  • On-line credit card payments
  • Customer service center for tenant questions

When you offer your tenants Suite Protector, you are offering fast and easy peace of mind for less than $1 a day*. Get your tenants pre-approved today.

*Rates vary by location. Rates subject to change.