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Ride Pro Ride-Share Insurance

Melissa Neis, Vice President of Parr Insurance Brokerage, was featured in an article where she spoke about the new insurance product “Ride Pro” designed to provide insurance to ride-share drivers when their application is off and is additional to Uber driver’s coverage when the phone application is on.

Click this link to read the full article by Steve Randall on ibmag.com

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8 Spring Insurance Hazards

After a long and cold winter season, the warmth of the spring season refreshes us and breathes life back into the world. But as the ice thaws and melts, damage and erosion caused by winter weather becomes visible. Cracked pavements and driveways, pot-holes, rust on cars, and flooding are all examples of this type of damage. Although this article was originally published in the spring of 2011, with these tops you can protect yourself from this sort of damage through spring of 2016. Click the link below to learn more!                                                     

By Margarette Burnette 

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Benefits of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

5 Reasons to Have Comprehensive Auto Insurance
via Amy Danise at Forbes Magazine

 1. It pays to replace your car if it’s stolen

Could you afford to buy another car like the one you had if yours was stolen and not recovered? If the answer is no, you should probably have comprehensive coverage. And if you’ve financed the car, your lender likely requires you to have a policy.

Note that standard comprehensive coverage doesn’t pay for a brand-new car, just reimburses you for the value of the one that was stolen. You can find your car’s current value through sites such as NADAguides.

  1. It pays to repair damage from animal collisions.

This is one of the many ways in which auto insurance can be confusing: “Collision coverage” doesn’t pay to repair damage to your car if that collision is with an animal. That scenario falls under comprehensive coverage.Deer strikes tend to get the most attention, but your car could be severely damaged by a collision with another wild animal, such as a moose, a large domestic animal, such as a dog, or even livestock. If you’d want insurance to pay for your smashed fender, dented hood and broken windshield, you should buy comprehensive coverage.

  1. It pays to repair weather damage.

Golf ball-sized hail could leave dents all over your car. Or a tornado could pick it up and drop it a few houses down. Comprehensive coverage pays for car repairs due to either of these scenarios. If your car is totaled by a weather-related event, your insurer will issue you a check for its value.

  1. It pays to repair flood damage.

Water can destroy your vehicle’s mechanical parts and upholstery — and if there’s enough damage, it could be considered totaled. This is when comprehensive coverage would kick in. Think this is a far-fetched problem? About 20% of flood insurance claims come from areas considered low or moderate risk, according to the National Flood Insurance Program.

  1.  It pays to repair fire damage.

Roadside car fires are a staple of morning traffic reports, and they’re inevitably accompanied by rubbernecking delays. But if this happens to your car, comprehensive insurance would pay to replace it. Comprehensive coverage also pays to repair damage caused by vandalism or falling objects, such as tree branches.

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