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Commercial clients—museums and more

With programs specifically designed to fit the unique needs of museums, galleries and institutional or commercial fine arts collections, our carriers provide specialized coverage, financial capacity and underwriting flexibility.


  • Our carriers include some of the world’s leading underwriters of fine arts
  • Customized valuation and coverage for unique collections
  • Sophisticated loss prevention services
  • Specialized claim, recovery and conservation services
  • Claims and Special Investigative Units for assistance in recovery of stolen objects
  • Indigenous expertise and world-class service in all major markets


  • Broad form wall-to-wall fine arts coverage designed to provide superior flexibility to the client
  • Fine arts coverage for loss or damage to fine art/objects that are owned or for which the insured is legally liable

◦In your permanent collection

◦On loan to others

◦In storage

◦On loan to you

  • Comprehensive coverage, including:

◦Unnamed location coverage

◦Loss buy-back provision

◦Reward for stolen object recovery.

Protect your business with a customizable policy from Parr Insurance and discover the item you’ve been missing—complete protection. Call 773.489.3001 to discuss the features and benefits of our specialist insurance.

A custom collection

Whether the collection you have created is worth $500 or $5 million, Parr can customize an insurance policy to fit your needs and the specifics of your items. With worldwide coverage and customizable polices, you are certain to find the right insurance protection for your collection through Parr Insurance Brokerage.

Through our partnership with Collect & Protect USA,, Parr Insurance is able to insure just about anything precious that you can collect, such as:

  • Advertising Memorabilia
  • Antiques
  • Books and Comics
  • Ceramics
  • Coins
  • Dolls and Teddy Bears
  • Film and TV Memorabilia
  • Fine Art
  • Furniture
  • Glass and Pottery
  • Jewelry
  • Music Memorabilia & Vinyl
  • Musical Instruments
  • Outdoor Collectibles
  • Political Memorabilia
  • Sports Memorabilia
  • Stamps
  • Toys and Games
  • Vintage Clothing
  • Watches and Clocks
  • Wine
  • Writing Instruments


Case In Point:
At a dinner party, a candle tipped over and ignited curtains on the wall of a room displaying a collection of Picasso prints. The fire was quickly extinguished, but some prints were destroyed. The collector was compensated for his loss and was able to retain the salvage after the fire.