Parr Visits London Markets


Tom Neis and Melissa Neis Wittenborn of Parr Insurance Brokerage recently visited underwriters in London, England regarding the launch of Collect & Protect in the USA. After a tour of the famous “inside out building” that houses Lloyds, Tom and Melissa were able to meet the UK Collect & Protect team in person to discuss some of the exciting and usual requests that they have received in the British marketplace. Collect & Protect happily considers unusual requests to insure valuable property and memorabilia. The company has considered a museum of water and insured a 30-foot plastic gorilla in transit and at a collecting event in England. The program recently had the exciting opportunity to underwrite Michael Jackson’s Thriller jacket for $1.8 million dollars. It did, however, turn down a private zoo in the UK with a history of escaping elephants, deer and monkeys.

Collect & Protect is a cutting-edge insurance program designed exclusively for collections and memorabilia markets. Policies can be arranged for Museums, Galleries, Auction Houses, Dealers and Memorabilia Retailers. Collect and Protect provides unique specialist insurance policies designed by British based collectors and historic British insurance providers. Parr Insurance Brokerage is excited to be on the front lines bringing this exciting and state-ofthe- art coverage to US collectors.