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Cars trapped in snow

2016 Best Cars For Snow

Here’s a run down of the best vehicles to navigate through the snow
via Jim Gorzelany of Forbes.com

But which of the myriad AWD vehicular choices can be expected to perform best under the snowiest conditions?

Click here to view the list of the best cars!

We scoured automakers’ spec sheets to compile a list of 20 affordable cars/station wagons and car-based crossover SUVs from the 2016 model year – featured in the accompanying slide show – that can be expected to handle the worst Mother Nature can dish out this winter. Each can be fitted with AWD for less than $50,000 and feature a much-higher-than-average ground clearance (the distance between the pavement and the lowest part of a vehicle) that enables them to traverse moderately snow-packed roads or driveways without unduly scraping the undercarriage or becoming snowbound. In addition, all offer winter-friendly amenities like heated seats, and are every bit as enjoyable to pilot on dry pavement as they are capable in the snow. Always slow down as the weather worsens. Leave extra room between your vehicle and the traffic ahead – a car’s brakes won’t work as well as they would on dry pavement. And keep an eye out for frozen patches, especially on bridges and overpasses which tend to freeze sooner than paved roads.

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Prep Wise for Winter

Winter Weather Approaching!

Incoming Snow This Weekend

Winter is right around the corner. Snow tonight through Saturday with significant accumulation is expected in some areas. Total snow accumulation, 4 to 8 inches across Northwestern Cook away from Lake Michigan, with 2 to 4 inches near the immediate Lake including downtown Chicago. The first accumulating snow of the season will unfold across the Chicagoland region beginning this evening and persisting through the day Saturday. Warm ground temperatures, especially pavement, will initially limit accumulation on surfaces this evening. However snowfall rates are expected to increase overnight through Saturday morning.

Winter Prep

As the weather turns colder and winter season approaches, it is critical important that we support our customers in their effort to be prepared. Among other risks, water damage is a key concern for our insureds – a broken 1-inch water pipe can spill 60 gallons of water per minute. Businesses that stay ahead of the weather also get ahead of the risk exposures and can greatly reduce their chances of experiencing a business interruption.

Some additional key points:

  • Get heating systems checked early to make sure they are ready to withstand freezing temperatures.
  • Keep the workplace warm, even when it’s closed for weekends and the holidays.
  • Know the location of the water shut-off valves – both for domestic water supply and sprinkler system.
  • If there are unheated areas and dry pipe sprinkler systems, low point drains should be checked by maintenance staff or a qualified contractor.
  • Make sure employees are trained on the proper use of snow removal equipment and review contract language for vendors hired for similar services.

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